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Kristian Gonzalez | Interview - Issue #2

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

- Kristian Gonzalez -

27 - Full-blooded Latino

Which culture or sub-culture did you grow up in? More Traditional Indigenous, Traditional Mexican, Chicano/Lowrider, Reservation, or More American-esque? Or a different culture/sub-culture?

Traditional Mexican

What are your favorite parts of that culture and community?

Our food and traditions, especially when it comes to family oriented events.

How did growing up in that culture effect your current style, and point of view of life?

I grew up rejecting it in my attempt to assimilate, but i’ve grown to embrace it later in life. My current style doesn’t reflect my roots, though I am able to fall back on it if I ever need to. As a first generation American there are aspects of my culture I want to keep, some I want to let go, and some I will pass on to the next generation. I now love to visit Mexico and have started to specialize in Tequila and Mezcal.

Behind-the-Scenes Photography by Jordan Woodley

As an adult now, have you learned about other Indigenous or Mexican sub-cultures?

Mezcal has existed long before tequila it was created by the native Mexican people.

What are your favorite parts of that culture and community?

Mexican food and the community centered around it. There’s nothing better than family fiestas and knocking back some drinks with your primos, tias, tios, and all the family.

How has it effected your style and point of view of life now?

I am not defined by my culture, but I embrace it and being able to fall back on my Latino roots is invaluable. My view on life is centered around family, becoming successful and being able to share that wealth with them.

Please tell us about the work that you do within your culture(s)'s community. Or the work that you are doing to continue educating yourself or others about your culture(s).

I am a bartender and I spent a lot of time educating people about tequila and mezcal to anyone that’ll listen to my rants. For example: the legend of Mayahuel and the 400 Conejos. Mayahuel a goddess of fertility and pulque (low percentage fermented agave) became drunk one night from drinking too much and got pregnant. She gave birth to 400 conejos and legend has it, those conejos possess a drinker one by one as they become more and more inebriated. You’ll notice in Mexican liquor bottles there’s a theme around rabbits and that is where the reference comes from.

Behind-the-Scenes Photography by Jordan Woodley


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Model and Interviewee - Kristian Gonzalez | @kriz_zalez

Editor in Chief - Alvinita Gonzales Production Assistant - Jordan Woodley Photography and Videography - Alvinita Gonzales Behind-the-Scenes Photography and Videography: Jordan Woodley | @jordanwphotography

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