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Tiarah Tucker | Interview - Issue #1

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

- Tiarah Tucker -

28 - African American, Afro-Latina, Native American

Which culture or sub-culture did you grow up in? More Traditional Indigenous, Traditional Mexican, Chicano/Lowrider, Reservation, or More American-esque? Or a different culture/sub-culture?

I grew up Afro-Latina, definitely more American-esque. It was really important to my parents that we identified first and foremost as Black.

What are your favorite parts of that culture and community?

¡La comida! There was always so much to eat and so much variety. Seasoned, marinated meats, con arroz. Dining with family is such a beautiful thing. Bonding over a meal that was culturally rich. It was like a private celebration of who we were every night. And the clothes! I have had the opportunity as a young woman to dress more liberally so I can incorporate the bold and bright colors of my people. Colorful saturated lipsticks, clean skin, wrapped and curly hair or neatly plaited. It is such a confident and feminine style that I am glad to have inherited.

How did growing up in that culture effect your current style, and point of view of life?

I’m proud of who I am. My mother’s family is matrilineal, women dominant and led, so I got to see strong independent women who all explored the arts and now I’m on my own journey as an artist. My father is strong, he shared his strength with me and all his ideology. I cook a lot of food and I enjoy sharing it with my friends and family. I am very much bare feet on the ground and flowers in my hair.

As an adult now, have you learned about other Indigenous or Mexican sub-cultures?

Yes! I learned more about my own Indigenous roots. As my family grows and travels, it gets harder to retain the history so it is of upmost importance to preserve it. One of my favorite pieces of history that I learned was that as Afro-Cubans was the large Chinese presence that migrated there during the boom of the sugar cane trade. Which personally effects my history and lineage as it added even more cultural context to my family tree.

What are your favorite parts of that culture and community?

My favorite part is the community, growing up I only had my family. Then, growing out, learning more about where my family is from and all our identities I realized that there are more people to identify with that teach me even more about myself. It’s a wealth of love in that.

How has it effected your style and point of view of life now?

I appreciate the generations it took to make me more. To be able to enjoy this life, I have nothing but gratitude to everyone in my family before me that had to sacrifice so much just for me to express myself as I do now. So I wear the head wraps and plait my hair and use lots of color in my wardrobe to honor them. It is calming to know that everything before me decided on me, so I take that confidence with me in my appearance in all sorts of little ways.

As an Indigenous woman, do you mind sharing what tribe(s) you are apart of?

Miccosukee, Seminole

Did you grow up on the reservation or outside of it?




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Model and Interviewee - Tiarah Tucker

Editor in Chief - Alvinita Gonzales Production Assistant - Berlinda Gomez Photography and Videography - Alvinita Gonzales

Music - Kaleidoscope by

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