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Alyussum Diaz | Interview - Issue #5

- Alyussum Diaz -

40 - Native American

Which culture or sub-culture did you grow up in? More Traditional Indigenous, Traditional Mexican, Chicano/Lowrider, Reservation, or More American-esque? Or a different culture/sub-culture?

Native American.

What are your favorite parts of that culture and community?


How did growing up in that culture effect your current style, and point of view of life?

It has a positive effect on my point of view actually, it taught me to be kind and respectful to every living thing, and not to take anything for granted.

As an adult now, have you learned about other Indigenous or Mexican sub-cultures?

I have many friends from different tribes and they teach me their ways.

What are your favorite parts of that culture and community?

I love how it is basically all the same, we love our families and respect our elders.

How has it effected your style and point of view of life now?

No changes.

As an indigenous woman, do you mind sharing what tribe(s) you are part of? Did you grow up on the reservation or outside of it?

The Campo Band of Mission Indians Kumeyaay Nation. On and off the rez.

How did growing up on or off the reservation impact your relationship with your indigenous roots/culture?

Growing up of the rez was difficult, me and my sister were made fun of a lot so we had to fight most of our childhood so people would know we couldn't be easily bullied. When we lived on the rez, it was a sense of peace and a whole different vibe, like as if life was all about family.

Please tell us about the work that you do within your culture(s)'s community. Or the work that you are doing to continue educating yourself or others about your culture(s).

I bring awareness on Domestic Violence as I am a survivor, I almost lost my life at one point, and I knew I had to make a change. I bring awareness to the MMIW movement as my son was stolen in 2016, and my sister was also murdered in 2016. I have an outreach program as well for those in need. I collect donations of all kinds so this way when families come to me, I have clothing items, shoes, toys, diapers, gift cards, dishes, basic needs, and I'm able to give them just a little bit of happiness

Earrings: Rachel Andrews Necklace: Nicole Merton - @nicole_merton85 Ribbon Skirt: Nicole Merton - @nicole_merton85


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Model and Interviewee - Alyussum Diaz Earrings - Rachel Andrews Necklace - Nicole Merton | @nicole_merton85 Ribbon Skirt - Nicole Merton - @nicole_merton85 Photography - Nicole Merton | @nicole_merton85

Editor in Chief - Alvinita Gonzales Production Assistant - Berlinda Gomez

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